Sanders Linked Non-Profit Accused Of Serious Violation

Via The Washington Examiner:

A democracy watchdog group filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against a nonprofit Bernie Sanders founded.

 Common Cause, a nonpartisan government accountability group, filed the FEC complaintagainst Our Revolution, a group Bernie Sanders founded during his 2016 campaign to promote the socialist values the Vermont senator touts from the campaign trail. The watchdog group alleged that Our Revolution accepted donations in excess of federal campaign law limits which were used to bolster Sanders’ campaign illegally.

The complaint followed a report from the Associated Press that claimed that Our Revolution was acting as an unregistered super PAC on Sanders’ behalf because the organization could rake in unlimited donations. The report claimed Our Revolution was acting as a “dark money” fund for Sanders because donors could pour money into the nonprofit organization without a trace.

Federal campaign finance laws bar nonprofit groups founded by candidates from using money from large donors in campaign activities, but Our Revolution has been pushing a get-out-the-vote campaign on behalf of Sanders.