Trump Blasts Steyer Over Humiliating Snub

Via The Washington Examiner:

President Trump sided with Sen. Bernie Sanders in two disputes the 2020 candidate has been involved in during his presidential bid.

Sanders, 78, has been the target of several of his 2020 competitors. Sen. Elizabeth Warren claimed that he said a woman could not be president, and Joe Biden accused him of lying after he ripped the former vice president’s positions on Social Security.

In the middle of these feuds, Sanders has been caught on camera snubbing fellow contender Tom Steyer twice in separate clips that went viral. The first was during the CNN/Des Moines Register debate last week when Steyer accidentally walked into a confrontation between Sanders and Warren, and the second came during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in South Carolina.

On Wednesday morning, Trump called Steyer a “major loser.” He tweeted, “Steyer is a major loser. Just doesn’t get it. This is second time with Bernie!”