Dem Socialist Brawls With Frontrunner Over Alleged Lies

Via The Washington Examiner:

INDIANOLA, Iowa — Joe Biden ripped into Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his campaign over what he believes is a smear about his past views on entitlements.

The comments came during question and answer session at an Indianola town hall, after an attendee asked the former vice president to clarify his position on Social Security. A series of viral videos shared by Sanders speechwriter David Sirota show Biden calling for cuts to the program.

“My stance on Social Security — let’s get the record straight — I’m not gonna blame anybody, but let’s get the facts. There’s a little doctored video going around saying that, put out by of Bernie’s people, and I don’t know if my staff has that video here, saying that I agreed with Paul Ryan, the former vice presidential candidate on wanting to privatize Social Security,” Biden said. “And PolitiFact looked at it and doctored the photo and doctored the piece and acknowledged that it’s a fake. So what we’re doing is is putting out what the actual exchange between what Paul Ryan and I were discussing, and I’ve been a gigantic supporter of Social Security from the beginning.”

“But it is a simply a lie that video that’s going around and ask anybody in the press, it’s a flat lie,” he added. “They’ve acknowledged that it’s a doctored tape, and I’m looking forward to his campaign coming forward and disowning it. They haven’t done it yet.”