Senators Get Bizarre Item To Help Avoid Protestors

Via The Washington Examiner:

Senators were given a cheat sheet to help them dodge people following them as they prepare to begin President Trump’s impeachment trial next week.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent her impeachment managers over to the Senate with the articles of impeachment on Wednesday night. While the focus had been on the House’s process, the transfer of the impeachment, and several of the reporters covering it, will now turn to the Senate.

In an attempt to brace for the chaotic week, the senators were handed flashcards with advice on how to ditch protesters if they are being questioned about impeachment. The tips included phrases to use, such as: “Please move out of my way,” “You are preventing me from doing my job,” and “Please excuse me, I need to get to a hearing/meeting.”

Many reporters found the notecards offensive and an attempt to silence the press. Several took to Twitter to express their frustrations.