Democrat Super PAC Unleashes MASSIVE Attack

Via The Washington Examiner:

The premier Democratic super PAC is boosting its campaign against President Trump by $50 million to counter an advertising advantage that has given him a crucial head start in reaching and eventually turning out voters.

Priorities USA announced this week that it was now on track to spend $150 million on digital and television advertising prior to the mid-July Democratic nominating convention, which includes $70 million in battleground states. The battleground state buy breaks down to $40 million for spots on YouTube, Hulu, and Pandora and $30 million for television ads. The Democratic primary is, perhaps, months from being settled, and this investment could help the party compete with Trump, whose campaign is operating at near full-strength.

“While most of our party is focused on choosing our nominee, Donald Trump will be spending unprecedented amounts of money in battleground states in an effort to define the election before our nominee has a chance to defend themselves. We will not let this go unanswered,” Guy Cecil, Priorities USA chairman, said in a statement.

The super PAC’s first television ads will air in Wisconsin on Feb. 25. The buy is worth $5.8 million. Priorities USA also has reserved $12.6 million of television time in Florida, beginning March 24; $6 million in Michigan, starting March 17; and $5.9 million in Pennsylvania on March 17.