Dems Downplay Rise Of Dark Horse

Via The Washington Examiner:

LOS ANGELES — Amy Klobuchar wants her debate performance to put her 2020 Democratic presidential rivals on notice, but they don’t seem to be listening.

The Minnesota senator, 59, was equal parts charming and disarming during the sixth primary debate, simultaneously showcasing her Midwestern wit and prosecutorial bite while facing six rivals onstage in Los Angeles Thursday night.

“When people know me, they vote for me, and they believe in me,” Klobuchar, 59, told reporters late Thursday.

The Yale University and University of Chicago Law School-educated former prosecutor commanded the most speaking time during the policy-heavy debate. Although she still flubbed a Bill Clinton catchphrase, she seemed to shake her nerves from Atlanta, using questions directed her way to push her center-left positions and her electability argument.