Democrat Refuses to Apologies After Smearing Service Members

Sometimes a circle is just a circle. That story about the West Point cadets and their hand gestures during the Army-Navy game that made national news is coming back to haunt some who were quick to label the young men as racists. Liberals in media and on social media were quick to jump to the conclusion that it was some kind of gesture made by white supremacists. Case in point – South Carolina State Representative Mandy Powers Lorrell. She’s under fire to apologize for rushing to judgment and now that the cadets have been found innocent, she is silent.

Actually, she isn’t just silent now, she has deleted her tweet. Ms. Powers Lorrell is being called out by other South Carolinians and by some in conservative media. The internet is forever and she should know that by now. She went right to labeling the cadets as white supremacists.

“Such a cruel and disrespectful environment”? That’s quite a leap. The drama on Twitter never ceases to amaze me. It’s like being back in middle school every day. That’s a state lawmaker – a Democrat – weighing in on a game that I’d venture to say most of us had never heard of until recently. West Point launched an investigation when reporters began clutching their pearls and national news media made it a story. It turns out all of the fuss was over the circle game. The circle game is something new to me. Frankly, the game makes no sense to me. Yet, apparently, it’s a thing. Someone makes the o.k. gesture by forming a circle with his thumb and index finger while the remaining three fingers are extended up. When someone looks, that person earns a punch on his arm. (I use a male pronoun because I don’t think girls play this game. If that makes me sexist, so be it.) West Point determined that the cadets were not white supremacists.

Conservatives are pondering if an apology will be forthcoming from Ms. Powers Lorrell. Some liberals are not only supporting such leaps to conclusions but are openly calling West Point’s conclusion false.

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