President’s Poll Numbers SKYROCKET

Via The Washington Examiner:

On the morning of President Trump’s likely impeachment in the House of Representatives, Gallup released a poll showing a six-point jump in the president’s approval rating.

When House Democrats first announced their impeachment efforts in late September, Trump’s approval rating plummeted to just 39%. After weeks of testimony and the House’s decision to draft two articles of impeachment, his approval rating climbed six points to 45%.

Trump’s approval among independent voters grew eight points throughout impeachment from 34% to 42%. The poll, which was conducted from Dec. 2 to Dec. 15, revealed the president has maintained solid support within the Republican Party and has approval from 89% of GOP respondents. However, only 8% of Democratic respondents approved of Trump’s performance in the White House.

Support for impeachment has also dwindled since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the proceedings. In October, support for impeachment was at 52%, but that has dropped six points to 46%. Opposition to impeachment has climbed five points from 46% in October to 51% in December.