Bloomberg Outpaces Rivals On THIS Unusual Issue

Via The Washington Examiner:

Michael Bloomberg is not only flooding airwaves with record-setting ad buys, but he is paying low-level field staff nearly twice the going rate of top-tier presidential campaigns.

A state field organizer job posting on Bloomberg’s website says that it pays $6,000 per month, the equivalent of a $72,000 annual salary, plus healthcare, vision, and dental benefits.

That is $2,500 per month more than field organizers for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg receive, according to their campaigns and other reports. The Vermont and Massachusetts senators and the South Bend, Indiana, mayor pay low-level organizers $3,500 per month, the equivalent of $42,000 per year, plus full coverage for healthcare benefits.

Sanders’s organizers received a raise from $36,000 annually, or $3,000 per month, when the campaign and its union approved a new contract in July after staff complained that long work weeks corresponded to less than $15 per hour wages.