Former Obama Aide Makes Brutal Threat Against The GOP

Via The Washington Examiner:

Thomas Bowen, a former campaign aide for Barack Obama, said he believed the Republican Party is “full of shit” after Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she was not impressed with the Democratic case for impeachment.

“She should spend 15 minutes with Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Devin Nunes and then come back to us with how to make it work for Republicans,” Bowen said about Murkowski on Saturday. “This Party is so full of shit. It needs to be burnt to the ground.”


Murkowski told the Anchorage Daily News about impeachment, “There has been little to no, I think, efforts to try to work with either the Republican House members on the committees, or to kind of come to some terms of rules of engagement.”

“And so it has made this appear even more partisan than perhaps it might have otherwise,” she added. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced this week that the House Democrats plan to draft articles of impeachment.