Biden Claims He’s Willing To Make An Unusual Pick For VP

Via The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden said that he would consider Democratic presidential primary rival Elizabeth Warren as his running mate should he win the Democratic presidential nomination.

“I’d add Senator Warren to the list. I’d add all — but she’s going to be very angry at my having said that,” Biden said in an Axios on HBO interview that aired Sunday. “The question is, would she add me made to her list. You know?”

“The issue for me will be, if I’m fortunate enough to be the nominee, is who am I most comfortable with that I’m confident that if I turn over responsibility, I’m not going to be surprised,” Biden said.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator and bankruptcy law expert, has a long-held disagreementwith Biden over a 2005 law that made it more difficult to file for bankruptcy. Warren advocated against the bill before she was an elected official while Biden championed the legislation.