Warren Confused By School Choice Protestors

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) didn’t know how to handle school choice protesters during a Thursday rally and was heard asking Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D., Mass.), “What do we do with this?”

Protesters interrupted Warren’s speech multiple times with chants in favor of school choice. Warren initially allowed the chanting to proceed as the rest of the crowd responded with pro-Warren chants before Pressley, who had introduced Warren at the event, walked onto the stage. “What do we do with this?” Warren asked Pressley.

“I want to say something. No one is here to quiet you, least not this black woman, who know what it is when people have tried to put me in a corner and tell me to be silent,” Pressley said, addressing the protesters.

“You are welcome here. The senator is here to talk about the contributions fighters like you have made to history,” she continued. “There are many people that do not know this story because we have been rendered as a historical footnote in history. So I am going to appeal to you to not dishonor that history.”