Supreme Court Stops Congressional Democrats Cold

The Supreme Court on Monday temporarily stopped enforcement of a House committee subpoena, siding for now with President Donald Trump over Congress in a case that could reshape the limits for impeachment and other investigations into a sitting president.

A majority of the justices voted to grant Trump’s emergency request to put a hold on a lower court ruling that required accounting firm Mazars USA to comply with a House Oversight and Reform Committee subpoena for eight years of Trump’s financial and tax records.

The one-page order freezes the status quo as the Supreme Court considers whether to hear an appeal from Trump’s personal lawyers to stop enforcement of the subpoena. It does not indicate how each justice voted.

The justices signaled they wanted to act quickly, and gave Trump’s lawyers until Dec. 5 to file an appeal. If the justices agree to hear the case, the freeze would remain until they rule, likely before the end of the current term at the end of June.

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