Republican Congressman Slams Trump Admin Official Over THIS

Via The Washington Examiner:

Rep. Matt Gaetz was blunt in his assessment of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s views on marijuana legalization, calling her a “boomer” whose generation is behind the times.

Appearing on CNN, the 37-year-old Florida Republican watched an April clip of Conway, 52, questioning the potency of marijuana and expressing concerns about its effects on the brain. She also took a hit at proponents of legalization and said there were professionals who were worried about its use.

“For all the folks who talk about the benefits and the legality of marijuana, there are many health professionals and employers increasingly concerned that this is not your grandfather or your father’s marijuana. The TCH components are much stronger. We just can’t say it’s all good for all people at this moment. We’re very concerned about the effect on the brain among young people,” Conway said.

Gaetz, a close confidant of President Trump, was asked about whether he has discussed the issue of marijuana reform with Trump.