Congress Shuts Down Renegade Senator’s Plan

Via The Washington Examiner:

Both Democratic and Republican congressional leadership alike say they want infrastructure reform. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has decried our “crumbling” roads and stressed the need to “revitalize our deteriorating national infrastructure.” His opposite number, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has concurred: “I hope we can go forward with infrastructure … I think there is a lot of interest.”

But when the libertarian-leaning Sen. Rand Paul offered up a simple plan to pay for infrastructure spending this week, both parties turned their back on the Kentucky Republican.

Congress had to pass a spending bill so the government wouldn’t shut down. Rather than actually do their job and debate appropriations, our representatives decided to just pass a “continuing resolution,” a temporary funding bill that maintains the status quo and pushes the budget fight back a few more weeks. President Trump has now signed the resolution into law, thus avoiding a government shutdown.

Paul offered up an amendment to the resolution that mirrored his “Penny Plan” for infrastructure to pay for much-needed infrastructure with just a 1% reduction to the budget laid out in the temporary funding bill.