Booker Claims Dem Frontrunner Should Be Worried About The Polls

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

Presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D., N.J.) on Friday said early primary poll leads are for losers.

Booker, who hovers around 1 percent support, said former vice president Joe Biden should be wary of his dominant poll numbers because early frontrunners in recent Democratic primaries have been unable to win the presidency.

“We’ve never had someone, never—this should worry Joe Biden—nobody has ever in our Democratic Party, in our lifetimes, been leading in the polls at this point and gone on to the White House,” Booker told MSNBC. “They’ve usually been people that are more like me: young, dynamic people coming up who energize and excite the full base of the Democratic Party.”

MSNBC host Katie Tur had asked Booker how he planned to appeal to black voters given Biden’s commanding lead in early polls. The New Jersey senator argued there is evidence he will be able to draw in black support and compared this primary to the 2008 election race, in which Barack Obama trailed Hillary Clinton among black voters in November of 2007.