Buttigieg Slammed For Complimenting GOP Group

Via The Washington Examiner:

Pete Buttigieg had kind words for the Tea Party in 2010, and it isn’t going over well with some 2020 Democratic voters.

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor spoke to a Tea Party-affiliated group called Citizens for Common Sense while running for Indiana state treasurer nine years ago. In the speech, he acknowledged that some found it odd that he would speak to the group as a Democrat.

“I have to admit, as a Democrat, that many of my friends and supporters looked at me as if I was absolutely nuts when I suggested that I would be coming tonight to speak with a group that’s often identified with the Tea Party,” Buttigieg told the room.

He added, “There are some, especially in my party, who think the Tea Party’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party. But there are many others who believe that the Tea Party’s motivated by real concerns about the direction of our government and the responses of our government to citizens.”