Warren Campaign Works To Court Big Donors

Via The Washington Examiner:

As Sen. Elizabeth Warren rails against the influence of America’s richest companies in politics and presents herself as an advocate for lower-income voters, top aides on her 2020 presidential campaign are reportedly working behind-the-scenes to court big-money donors.

Her top campaign finance officers Paul Egerman and Shanti Fry are “organizing trips, hosting events and acting as conduits for information about the campaign” for potential megadonors, according to Politico. The report highlights a break from a narrative defining Warren’s bid for the White House: a reliance on small individual donations to prop up a campaign determined to change the way Wall Street controls what happens in Washington, D.C.

On the campaign trail, the Massachusetts Democrat often complains about corporate greed leaving average Americans behind. She has vowed to make the biggest American corporations pay “their fair share in taxes.” Her liberal policy proposals, including “Medicare for all” and a nationwide student loan forgiveness program, would rely heavily on revenue generated from a tax on the country’s wealthiest people and businesses.

During a recent debate, Warren said she was “really shocked at the notion that anyone thinks I’m punitive” when it comes to capitalism.