Politifact Exposes Dem Hypocrisy

Via The Washington Examiner:

PolitiFact awarded a “mostly false” rating this week to Republican Party of Florida Chairman Joe Gruters after he said the 2020 Democratic primary candidates want to “give free health care to illegals.” This comes after the Pulitzer Award-winning fact-checker gave President Trump the exact same rating for making the exact same claim.

The group’s “mostly false” designation hinges entirely on Trump and Gruters’s use of the word “free.” Just ignore that part where the 2020 Democratic candidate did indeed endorse extending healthcare coverage to people in the United States illegally, at little or no charge to themselves.

Look, I understand that these fact-check ratings are judgment calls, but come on.

On June 27, the second night of the first 2020 Democratic primary debate, NBC News’s Savannah Guthrie said the following: