Former Trump Opponent Makes Big Policy Shift

Via The Washington Examiner:

Marco Rubio cited Catholic social teaching in a speech challenging his own party for ignoring the needs of workers, calling for an economy focused on the dignity of work.

Rubio warned against socialism but argued both Republicans and Democrats err in their views about economic policy, during a speech Tuesday at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

Rubio said conservatives have been too concerned with defending businesses’ right to make a profit and shareholders’ right to earn from their investments, often neglecting the rights of workers to share in the benefits of their labor and ignoring businesses’ obligation to act in their workers’ and country’s best interests. Liberals, meanwhile, have championed workers’ rights, he said, but have failed to appreciate the value of work or businesses’ right to make a profit.

Rubio instead called for a “common-good capitalism” in which “workers fulfill their obligation to work and enjoy the benefits of their work; and where businesses enjoy their right to make a profit and reinvest enough of those profits to create dignified work for Americans.”



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