Dem Leaders Walk Back Key Impeachment Vote

Via The Washington Examiner:

House Democratic leaders are walking back a planned vote Thursday that would officially endorse impeachment proceedings and say that the resolution would merely address the process of holding public hearings on the matter.

“This is not an impeachment resolution,” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters Tuesday morning. “I don’t know what an impeachment resolution is.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Monday that the planned vote was “not an impeachment resolution.”

Earlier in the day, Pelosi announced the House would vote on a resolution that “affirms the ongoing, existing investigation” and “establishes the procedure for hearings that are open to the American people, authorizes the disclosure of deposition transcripts, outlines procedures to transfer evidence to the Judiciary Committee as it considers potential articles of impeachment, and sets forth due process rights for the president and his Counsel.”