Conservatives Plead With Trump Not To Do THIS

Via The Hill:

A group of conservative leaders are telegraphing their support for President Trump’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, who has been under fire from some of the president’s allies after public missteps. 

“Conservatives are proud to support the role Mick Mulvaney continues to play in the Trump Administration,” states a draft of a memo obtained by The Hill that will be sent to the White House and Capitol Hill.

“Recent news reports demonstrate that that the D.C. Swamp is attacking him — and we believe it is because he has been the most successful Chief of Staff in this administration to advance the Trump pro-America agenda,” the memo states.

The memo, organized by the Conservative Action Project, will be signed by a number of prominent conservatives, including Club for Growth President David McIntosh, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, Heritage Action Executive Director Tim Chapman and Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, according to a conservative source involved in the effort.