The Amount Of Money This Failing Dem Candidate Spent Will Blow Your Mind

Via The Washington Examiner:

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Tom Steyer failed to make a splash in his first Democratic presidential primary debate despite spending the equivalent of $109,000 per second he spoke on the stage.

 The 62-year-old billionaire hedge fund king-turned-impeachment activist had the least amount of speaking time of the 12 candidates during Tuesday’s debate, about 7 minutes, while most other candidates got 12 minutes or more to answer moderator questions and make their points.

Steyer, who has pledged to spend $100 million of his own money on his presidential bid, gave his campaign a whopping $47.6 million from his July launch through the end of September and raised slightly over $2 million from other individuals. The campaign spent $47 million on operating expenses, more than twice what top third-quarter fundraiser Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders spent: $21.3 million of the $25.2 million he raised.

“I just want to start by reminding everybody that every candidate here is more decent, more coherent, and more patriotic than the criminal in the White House,” Steyer said during his first comments of the night, a clear planned applause line. After an awkward pause, the audience politely clapped.