Dem Candidate’s Plan For Early Primaries Seen As Potential Disaster

Via The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden’s plan to depend on South Carolina, the fourth state in the Democratic presidential primary, to score a decisive win and propel him to victory is a dangerous gamble with no historical precedent, according to political strategists.

┬áBill Clinton, in 1992, is the only major party candidate in modern history to win his party’s presidential nomination after losing in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But Iowa was uncontested in 1992 because “favorite son” Sen. Tom Harkin was running and Sen. Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts won New Hampshire because he poured all his resources into the state rather than running a national campaign.

The more relevant historical comparison could be Rudy Giuliani’s disastrous presidential campaign of 2008 when the former New York mayor held double-digit leads in polls throughout 2007 but decided to skip Iowa, because of the predominance of evangelical Christians, and New Hampshire, where many voters were fiscally conservatives.