GOP Sen Wants To Unmask Deep State Operative

Via The Washington Examiner:

Sen. Rand Paul has called for the identity of the whistleblower at the center of an anonymous complaint against President Trump to be revealed.

 Speaking at an event in his state of Kentucky, the Republican senator said that the man who accused Trump of wrongdoing in his dealings with Ukraine should be known.

“Ultimately, if someone’s going to accuse you of something that’s going to bring down a presidency, I think we deserve to know who that person is,” Paul said. “Our criminal justice system is usually predicated upon if I accuse you of something, I’ve got to show up in court and accuse you of it.”

The identity of whistleblowers is protected by U.S. statutes, but Paul said that the circumstances of this particular complaint are different, given the gravity of the accusation and the fact that it led Democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into the president.