Harris Tries To Rehabilitate Reputation With Desperate Gambit

Via The Washington Examiner:

Kamala Harris is hoping to capitalize on her career as a prosecutor as House Democrats ramp up their impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Harris’ “she’s a cop” reputation has hurt the senator for California’s standing among liberal members of her party passionate about criminal justice reform. But the presidential candidate’s prosecutorial chops could be a major boon if she can put on a strong performance during a Senate trial that would follow Democrats in the House passing articles of impeachment.

Last week, she said in Nevada: “As a former prosecutor, I will tell you that my entire career has been fighting for justice and Donald Trump has clearly thought of himself — as soon as he told us he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get away with it — as someone who thinks he is above the law.”

At the start of August, she was already framing her support for impeachment with references to her experience as a prosecutor, saying: “I do support proceeding with a process toward impeachment because, listen, I have seen people go to prison for far less than the evidence we have right now in terms of this president.”