Key Religious Group, Uncomfortable With Trump, Is Stuck With GOP

Via The Washington Examiner:

Most Mormons remain committed to conservative values but uneasy with President Trump’s ascendance, resulting in a complicated relationship with the modern Republican Party.

 The Democratic Party is not presenting a viable alternative. Quietly, it is losing purchase with Mormons. The retirement of New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall raises the prospect that the next Congress could have no Democratic Mormons, if freshman Utah Rep. Ben McAdams loses his reelection bid, which is likely to be challenging.

So, Mormons are stuck with the GOP. But it’s an awkward fit. Trump’s tough stance on immigration, his willingness to insult other candidates, and his character flaws have all made it difficult for Mormons to embrace him.

“They expect decency in public life and in their personal lives,” Evan McMullin, a Mormon independent presidential candidate in 2016 and the founder of the conservative advocacy organization Stand Up Republic, told the Washington Examiner. “They’re sensitive to the persecution of immigrants and religious minorities and they expect honor in their leaders.”