GOP Analyst Claims Senate RINOs Ready To Stab Trump In The Back

Via The Washington Examiner: 

A longtime adviser to Republicans has claimed that if the tally were held in secret, 30 Republican senators would vote to remove President Trump from office.

 Mike Murphy, who has worked as a senior adviser to now-Sen. Mitt Romney and the late Sen. John McCain, appeared Wednesday on MSNBC and said that if the Democratic-led House votes to impeach the president and the Senate acquits him, it could spell political damage the Republican Party in 2020.

“These Senate Republicans, should the Democrats vote impeachment — which I think is far more likely than not — are going to be pinned down to a yes-no answer,” Murphy said, “and if they provide cover for Donald Trump on this, a clear violation of his role as president, we’re going to lose Colorado with Cory Gardner. We’re going to lose Maine with Susan Collins. We’re going to lose Arizona with [Martha] McSally. And the Democrats will put the Senate very much in play.”

If the House votes to impeach Trump, the Senate acts as the jurors and decides whether he gets removed from office. A two-thirds majority, or 67 senators, would have to vote in favor. Murphy, who is a critic of Trump, said that he thinks the results would not favor Trump if the count were held anonymously.