Dems Double Down On Anti-Business Plans

Via The Washington Examiner:

Cory Booker has become the latest Democratic presidential candidate to back unionizing entire industries by supporting a concept called “sectoral bargaining.” The idea dates back to the 1930s and involves the federal government creating union-management committees that would set wages and other work standards.

 The change, if adopted, would radically shift the business landscape across the United States. Under sectoral bargaining, unions would be granted enormous power over industries, while businesses would be strictly limited in the workplace policies they could adopt. All workers in an industry would be represented by the union officials on the committees.

The New Jersey senator backed the idea in an “opportunity and justice plan” his campaign issued this week. It called for bringing “multiple employers across an industry to the table, including through wage boards, that set wage and other workplace benefits and standards.”

Several Democratic contenders have backed versions of the idea. Vermont’s Bernie Sanders called in August to “establish a sectoral collective bargaining system” as part of his “workplace democracy plan.”