GOP Loses Confidence In Key 2nd Amendment Interest Group Ahead Of 2020

Via The Washington Examiner:

Senior Republicans in Congress are expecting turmoil inside the National Rifle Association to sharply curtail the group’s participation in the 2020 campaign, conceding that they have lost confidence in the premiere gun rights organization.

 The NRA has been a key ally of the Republican Party, mobilizing critical support for President Trump in 2016. But a crippling civil war for control of the influential gun advocacy group has strained finances and sparked leadership changes, leaving Republicans in the trenches of the battle for the House and Senate, fearing it has gone astray. They are not planning on political muscle from the NRA next year.

“We would love to have company,” said Steven Law, a close confidant of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the chief strategist behind the Kentucky Republican’s affiliated super PAC, Senate Leadership Fund. “But we’re preparing to shoulder as much of the work in 2020 as possible.”

Republicans in Washington have long been reverential of the NRA because of the strong reputation it carries with grassroots conservatives, who tend to care deeply about the Second Amendment. In many GOP primaries, an NRA endorsement is more effective for winning over voters than backing from any other group. But frustration with the NRA has mounted in Republican circles, as material support for the party has diminished after it went all-in for Trump three years ago.