Outed Former CIA Agent Announces Congressional Bid

Via Fox News:

Valerie Plame, the former intelligence operative who rose to prominence when her identity was outed during President George W. Bush’s administration, showed off what she called her CIA-taught driving skills in a splashy launch video for her newly announced congressional candidacy on Monday.

“Yes, the CIA really does teach us how to drive like this,” Plame, a Democrat, claims in the video, after driving a Camaro muscle car in reverse for several seconds before executing a sharp turn on a dirt road, exiting the car, and strutting confidently towards the camera.

Plame also boasts: “You name a hot spot? I lived it,” as images of Iraq, Syria, North Korea and Iran flash on the screen. “I come from Ukrainian Jewish immigrants,” Plame says later on, seemingly to rebut previous accusations that she intentionally posted anti-Semitic content on Twitter.

There were just a few problems, observers said — and they could dog Plame’s Democratic bid for a contested open House seat in northern New Mexico currently held by exiting Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Lujan.