Blue-Collar Workers Slam Dem After Being Exploited

Via The Washington Free Beacon:

Two coal miners are demanding an ad by Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath be taken off the airwaves because they were not told their struggle was being used for a political ad, according to a letter from their lawyer obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Randy Robbins and Albrow Hall are both coal miners suffering from black lung who traveled to Washington, D.C., earlier this summer to raise awareness about the disease. They were asked after the trip to participate in a reenactment of their bus ride to Washington that they believed was going to be used for a documentary for the Black Lung Association.

It came as a shock, then, when footage of their bus ride appeared on the airwaves as the centerpiece of a McGrath attack ad against Republican senator Mitch McConnell (Ky.). Now, their lawyer is asking the McGrath campaign to pull the ad from the air.

“Both Randy and Albrow were led to believe that the reenactment was being done for a documentary relating the work of the Black Lung Association,” the cease and desist letter reads. “They did not know and were never told that they were being filmed for a political advertisement.”