Tom Steyer Releases Tax Returns

Via The Washington Examiner:

Presidential candidate Tom Steyer released 2,683 pages of tax returns from 2009 through 2017, providing a glimpse into the billionaire’s vast personal fortune as well as his charitable and political giving.

 Taxable income for Steyer and his wife Kat Taylor totaled nearly $1.2 billion over the nine-year period, the returns show, while their taxable income was $959.5 million over that period, according to a campaign memo. The couple paid $405.3 million in federal and California state taxes for those years, according to the memo.

Steyer’s highest-earning year of the nine was 2010, when he brought in almost $176 million, and the lowest-earning year was 2009 with just under $61 million. In 2017, he brought in almost $148 million.

“Tom believes it is important to provide voters with an understanding of his role in the private sector, which he has since left behind to work for the public good,” a memo from Steyer’s campaign said. He plans to release his 2018 return once it is filed with the IRS this year.