Did The Biden Campaign Just Make An Openly Racist Move?

Via The Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden courted a small group of black reporters representing major news outlets, holding an exclusive, free-wheeling question-and-answer session with the journalists.

 It is common practice for presidential candidates to grant interviews to outlets that serve a predominantly black audience or readership. But it is highly unusual for a campaign to select journalists themselves on the basis of their race.

For 90 minutes, Biden, 76, was peppered with questions 10 selected black reporters who cover the campaign or broader race issues on Tuesday afternoon in Washington, D.C., ahead of his two-day swing of South Carolina, where African American Democrats comprise the majority of the primary electorate. Outlets who sent reporters to the session included Politico, Time, and ABC News.

The discussion had initially been billed by the Biden team as a short, off-the-record conversation, but the former vice president waved the restrictions at the start, allowing himself to be quoted for more than an hour.