Underdog Dem Continues Attacks On Media

Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign made the latest addition to their enemies list quite explicit on Thursday: journalists employed by “corporations” and “billionaires.”

 In the first edition of “Bern Notice,” a digital newsletter released by the Sanders campaign designed to circumvent traditional media outlets, campaign speechwriter David Sirota wrote a fiery screed against so-called corporate media and its conspiracy to sink the Vermont senator’s second presidential bid.

“Reporters don’t have to receive a call from Jeff Bezos to know that their paychecks are signed by a billionaire with a well-known personal and corporate agenda — and knowing that agenda exists can shape overall frameworks and angles of coverage,” the left-wing reporter-turned-politico wrote.

Sirota continued to argue that Sanders’ policy agenda of radically redistributing wealth and expanding the social safety net is driving critical coverage of the campaign, which has significantly struggled to replicate its 2016 primary performance.