Lindsey Graham Comes Out Against 2nd Amendment, Supports Red Flag Laws

Republican Senator and Trump ally Lindsey Graham has come out against the second amendment and thrown his support behind so-called red flag laws. As The Washington Examiner reports:

 The ability to take guns away from individuals who, after having their day in court, present a danger to themselves or others enables police to better do their jobs, the South Carolina Republican argued.

Graham also said he disagrees with people who say “red flag” laws violate the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful searches and seizures, and the 14th Amendment, which ensures due process.

“There are plenty of judicial proceedings every day in America where somebody is adjudged to be a danger to themselves and others and they’re put into a mental health facility. That goes on all the time, so that process would apply to gun ownership,” Graham explained.

“Nobody’s going to lose their gun unless they have their day in court, but we’re not going to create a situation where the cops sit on the sidelines and watch somebody blow up when there are plenty of warning signs,” he continued, referencing how the Parkland shooter was on law enforcement’s radar. “The Second Amendment is not a suicide pact, so we have judicial hearings all over America every day, dealing with people who become a danger to themselves and others, and this is just an extension of that concept.”

Graham’s massive shift toward red flag laws should trouble those who support and care about American’s second amendment rights.