Kamala Harris Got Humiliated in Front of 10 Million People

During Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper knew exactly what he was doing when he queued up a question for Tulsi Gabbard about her past criticisms of Kamala Harris’s approach to racial issues and her attack on Joe Biden.

Gabbard went off.

Clearly, Gabbard had done her homework, and she absolutely dragged Harris for her abysmal record as California attorney general. During her time in office, Harris took draconian stances on issues of criminal justice, enforcing such merciless policies and displaying such ruthless ambition that “Kamala the cop” has become a common criticism of the candidate.

Gabbard attacked Harris for having locked up thousands of people for mere marijuana possession and laughing about it when asked whether she had smoked pot herself. The congresswoman piled onto Harris, adding on a reference to her office’s shameful move to keep people locked up to preserve “cheap labor for the state of California.”

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