House Judiciary Committee Intensifies Assault on Trump

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee announced they are beginning an “impeachment investigation” against President Trump with a new court filing seeking undisclosed documents from the Mueller report.

“We are telling the court that what we are doing is not just part of normal oversight but part of our Article 1 authority and responsibility to consider all remedies, including the possibility of articles of impeachment,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said.

Democrats sought to establish an impeachment shortcut two days after Mueller’s testimony before two House panels that was panned by critics as flat and uncertain at times. They said telling the court they are weighing impeachment would help them win more access to material Trump has refused to provide.

“This is an impeachment investigation,” California Rep. Eric Swallwell, a member of the panel, said. “We are suggesting here is the first time we are telegraphing to the court that one remedy we have is impeachment.”

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