GOP 2020 Strategy Debate Causes Heartburn for Party

While any semblance of cohesion among Democrats was unraveling last week amid the Pelosi-AOC squabble, Republican waters were also roiling — and not only below the surface.

Republican national party leaders decided to publicly strong-arm state and local GOP officials, as well as some members of Congress, in a battle over the best way to raise small-dollar donations from the conservative grassroots.

Now those forces are pushing back against what they regard as both a money and a data grab antithetical to bedrock GOP free market principles, according to RealClearPolitics interviews with more than a dozen state party officials, veteran national campaign operatives and fundraising experts.

One Republican National Committee member called the push to consolidate all Republicans around one fundraising platform “Obamacare for GOP fundraising,” while an executive for a state party labeled the effort “crony capitalism” of the worst kind.

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