White House Hopeful One-Ups Rivals with Migrant Shelter Appearance

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is one-upping her Democratic rivals by promising to make a pre-debate, TV-magnified visit to a nearby center that shelters foreign youths before they are handed over to U.S.-based “sponsors.”

“We have to shut down that facility and shut it down now,” Warren told supporters, according to a tweet by a Washington Post reporter. The crowd enthusiastically chanted, “Shut it down!”

Warren’s gambit highlights the growing number of progressives who emotionally oppose the federal agencies’ efforts to identify — although not actually stop — the huge wave of Central American migrants and their children who are walking into Americans’ blue-collar workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods.

Amid the emotion, and its use by Democratic politicians, only about ten percent of adult migrants are being blocked at the border. The vast majority are quickly being released precisely because they bring young children on the dangerous journey solely to trigger the catch-and-release laws that are supported by Democrats.

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