Rep. Reflects on Miracle That Saved GOP Lawmakers from Shooter

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a former combat surgeon who rushed to Rep. Steve Scalise’s aid when he was shot two years ago, said miracles took place on the field that stopped the attack from being even worse.

Wenstrup told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that he used his military surgeon training to immediately analyze the severity of Scalise’s wounds when the Louisiana Republican was shot by a left-wing activist while practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game in 2017.

“I pulled his pants down, this was my military combat experience instincts, to look for the wound,” Winstrup said. “When I didn’t see an exit wound for the leg, I knew that it went up and that he was in much deeper trouble than people realized.”

In an earlier interview, Scalise said that Wenstrup’s quick thinking and application of a tourniquet saved his life, in addition to the relentless efforts by the officers that were assigned to protect him that day.