2020 Hopefuls Build Secret Lists for Radical Supreme Court Nominees

WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats running for president are compiling a secret list of activist judges for the Supreme Court and lower courts, and the Judicial Crisis Network is challenging Joe Biden and other candidates to follow President Donald Trump’s lead in publicly releasing the list, so citizens will know what they will be voting for in 2020.

When running for president, Donald Trump released a list of federal and state judges from which he would choose Supreme Court justices. He expanded that list prior to the election to add additional names. He chose Justice Neil Gorsuch from that list, and a year later chose Justice Brett Kavanaugh from an expanded version of the list.

Then-candidate Trump explained he was releasing the list so the public could vet his potential picks, and would know precisely what sort of judges and justices they would get if they elected him president.

President Trump has racked up an impressive record keeping his promise, having confirmed over 100 new federal judges, including over 40 to the federal appeals courts and two to the Supreme Court.

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