Republican Rising Star Clashes with Old Guard

Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney reportedly clashed with the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Monday night due to concerns about the future of the party.

The chairman of the NRCC, Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota, held a members’ only leadership meeting Monday night to ask them about their party dues and their contributions to the committee, according to Politico. Emmer reportedly questioned Cheney, asking her if she would be giving the NRCC campaign money. Cheney reportedly responded that she has met her fundraising goal and paid her dues to the committee.

A senior House aide told The Daily Caller that Republicans have clearly been frustrated with the NRCC and the committee needs to focus on winning back a majority in the House.

“Clearly, there is mounting frustration among people on the hill with the negative headlines that the NRCC has generated in recent weeks, and stories like this that detail private conversations don’t help,” the senior House aide said to TheDC. “All Republicans want is to take back the majority, and focusing on the best way to do that needs to be our top priority.”

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