Team Obama Starts to Doubt Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s decision to change his position on the Hyde Amendment during the 2020 election cycle raised questions about the frontrunner’s “steadiness” and “performance.”

That was the claim from David Axelrod, a top adviser and strategist to former President Barack Obama — Biden’s running mate. His comments came as the former vice president appeared to change his mind twice on the controversial amendment blocking federal funding for most abortions.

Biden initially appeared to tell an activist that he wanted to repeal Hyde but his campaign later clarified that he supported the measure — as he did in the preceding decades. His campaign claimed that Biden misheard the initial question, construing it as a reference to the Mexico City Policy.

Amid uproar within his own party, Biden said on Thursday that he no longer supported Hyde. “I make no apologies for my last position and I make no apologies for what I’m about to say,” he said during an event in Atlanta.