Jailed Lobbyist Offers Advice for Michael Cohen

The day I entered prison continues to rank as one of the worst days of my life.

Like most people, I have endured many of the stresses of contemporary existence, but passing through the gates of a federal prison, knowing I was to be there for years, was a nightmare. Being a high profile prisoner compounds the agony. You want all eyes to look elsewhere, yet they are laser-focused on you.

As you say your final goodbyes to the friends or family who delivered you to the prison, your sadness is leavened with trepidation. Even if you benefited from one of the costly prison preparation consulting services, there is no way to prepare for this. Most white collar inmates have never had a real brush with the law, let alone been incarcerated.

Michael Cohen has been imprisoned in the minimum security federal prison at Otisville, NY. I might not be Cohen’s biggest fan, but I still feel badly for anyone who has to enter prison — well, almost anyone. Violent criminals who don’t qualify for execution should never be released into society.

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