Canadian Conservatives Win Big

A conservative candidate unseated the New Democratic Party premier of Alberta Tuesday, the first time a challenger has done so to a first-term Albertan premier.

Jason Kenney and his United Conservative Party roundly bested Rachel Notley, who had been premier since 2015.

Kenney supported pipeline development, economic deregulation, and opposition to foreign interference. After arriving at a victory party in his truck, Kenney promised a major change to Alberta’s public practice and image. “Tonight I send a message to businesses everywhere: if you want to benefit from what will be the lowest taxes in Canada, a government that will cut its red tape burden by at least one third, with Canada‚Äôs best educated population and a deep culture of enterprise and innovation, come to Alberta,” he said.

Kenney campaigned on a conservative platform, seeking the premiership to oppose Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to the National Post:

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