George and Barbara Bush’s Final Touching Moments Revealed

On the anniversary of former First Lady Barbara Bush’s death, journalist Susan Page sat down with Fox News’s Sandra Smith and detailed one of the last moments shared between Barbara and her husband George.

Page, author of “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty,” described how the pair grew over the course of their marriage and shifted from a more “traditional” relationship in which he “called the shots” to one in which they were more like “partners.”

Before her death in 2018, Barbara, wasn’t so worried about dying as she was leaving her husband of 73 years. Just two days before she died in April, the two sat together in the den of their home in Houston. Page explained how Barbara “said to him ‘George, I’m not going to worry about you’; and he said to her, ‘Bar, I’m not going to worry about you.'”

“She gave him permission to live, he gave her permission to die — and you know what they did then? They had a drink,” Page said on “America’s Newsroom.”