Republican-Led Marijuana Bill Clears First Hurdle

A Republican-backed bill to make it legal for Georgians to obtain, not just possess, limited amounts of medical marijuana oil cleared its first hurdle in the state’s House of Representatives Tuesday.

The bipartisan bill is sponsored by five Republican state representatives and one Democrat. Republican state Rep. Micah Gravley has been a leading proponent of the legislation, named “Georgia’s Hope Act,” and said it will allow Georgians with certain state-specified conditions to obtain the oil.

“These aren’t people who are seeking a recreational high,” Gravley said, according to the West Georgia Neighbor. “These are people who simply want their children to experience less seizures, a loved one to be eased in the pain of cancer. These are people who simply want to go about their everyday lives and use an oil, and an oil only.”

The legislation passed the Georgia House 123-40 and permits growing and manufacturing medical marijuana. The bill also allows 60 dispensaries to “serve the state’s rising number of physician-approved medical marijuana patients — more than 8,400 so far,” reported The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. If Gravley’s bill passes, Georgia would join 31 states that allow some form of marijuana cultivation.

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