Millennial Hispanic Mom Seeks to Stop GOP Bleeding in Blue State

Republicans in California moved to curb years of political hemorrhaging, electing Jessica Patterson, a millennial Hispanic woman, as the new chairwoman of the state party.

Patterson, 38, is a seasoned political operative who is expected to overhaul the California Republican Party, modernizing communications and voter turnout operations. She is a close ally of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and her ascension puts McCarthy in functional control of the state party, say Republican insiders in the state who were relieved to see the pragmatic Patterson triumph over a couple of conservative populists who vowed fidelity to President Trump.

“She’s not a political ideologue,” said Republican Darrell Issa, a former congressman from San Diego County who telephoned the Washington Examiner unprompted to praise Patterson. “Realistically, what she can do is stop the bleeding.”

Patterson, in an interview Friday, was realistic about the problems Republicans in California are dealing with as they attempt to rebuild in 2020, when Trump, generally unpopular in the state, will be at the top of the ticket.

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