Koch Brothers Enter Republican Primaries for First Time Ever

OXON HILL, Md. — The Koch political network for the first time plans to intervene in GOP primaries as part of a deliberate 2020 strategy to reverse years of essentially rubber-stamping the Republican Party in general elections.

Disappointed with Republicans in Congress and occasionally at odds with President Trump, the coalition of political groups overseen by Charles Koch has been re-evaluating its engagement in federal campaigns. Playing in GOP primaries to elect more like-minded Republicans to the House and Senate is key tactical adjustment the network has agreed to, with a top Koch official confirming that incumbents could be targeted for defeat.

“We think that if we’re going to be more selective, you know, raise the bar before getting involved, that it makes sense, therefore, to do more primaries,” Tim Phillips, who runs Americans for Prosperity, the Koch grassroots arm, told the Washington Examiner on Thursday while making the rounds at the Conservative Political Action Conference. The Washington Examiner is a CPAC media sponsor.

“If your model is, be more selective — try to find people who are genuinely policy champions,” Phillips added, “then there are going to be times that the primary is the crucial aspect of being able to do that.”

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